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Our Conversation for May: Zero Trust

What's all the fuss about Zero Trust?

This month we're going to be talking about this "Zero Trust" thing that you may - or may not - have heard about. So, what is it? What is this Zero Trust thing, and why should you - a small business owner - even care?

According to the National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIST), it is "an evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms that move defenses from static, network- based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources." This move away from the perimeter-centric protection is in essence the same approach I've been espousing for several years before the pandemic changed everything. And why should you care? Because at its core, it's a solid way to protect your business.

Really? A Security Paradigm? For a Small Business?

Yes, really. Small businesses - including entrepreneurs, solo practitioners, home businesses, mom & pop businesses - all need the same types of protections that enterprise-level organizations need; they are no less likely to be the focus of an attack than big business. To give you a corollary, while Coca-Cola may be one hacker's "Dream Big" target, he or she may spend years trying to break in and steal the recipe for Coke. On the other side of the coin, that same hacker could spend a few weeks targeting a dozen or so small businesses that are much easier to crack, and walk away with enough to live on for a year.

So yes - small businesses need information security, and a framework that codifies your approach to securing your business is the best way to frustrate that hacker.

The InfoGraphic below provides some myths, facts, truths, and other information around Zero Trust. Take a few minutes to look through it and see if it matches what your understanding has been, and more importantly, if it matches how you think the security of your business should look. And follow our posts this month for more information about Zero Trust and how your business can benefit.

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And then give us a call and let's talk about how we can help you get there.

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