Basic anti-virus is available, if needed and not offered by your IT Provider/MSP. 

Huntress Labs provides managed breach detection to detect threats which slip past standard antivirus. Hackers look for ways to persist (stay active) within your network; Huntress looks finds those footholds in Windows environments.


The most common vector for hackers to gain access to small business environments is via email - phishing attacks.  IronScales provides strong email protection against phishing, plus industry-leading security awareness training. 


SentinelOne provides prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with real-time forensics.


Password re-use is one of the most significant security problems today, one that is used often and quite successfully by hackers who know that your Facebook password may be the same as your email password, for example. A solid password manager provides a strong and easy-to-use password vault capability, allowing your team to store and create strong passwords across your entire employee base.

A firewall is arguably the most important perimeter cyber-protection for your business. But many small business owners - and even IT Service Providers - don't have the expertise to configure a firewall. 

For our neighbors who need to adhere to HIPAA regulatory requirements, in addition to our own consulting we offer the Compliancy Group's Sentry Solution. This includes annual training, incident management assistance, business associate management, and should it be required, breach support.


Although not strictly a security product, we at Castle Labs are enamored with the vast capabilities of Monday.com.  In today's new normal of work-from-home teams, Monday.com can truly help facilitate diverse and geographically separated teams - or teams working together in the same place!

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