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Basic anti-virus is available, if required and not offered by your IT Provider/MSP. 

ELK Analytics provides our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR), our log collection & monitoring, and our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).  Alerting from these capabilities is handled by live SOC analysts as events are discovered from your system logs and EDR agents, and passed to you via Castle Labs.  If needed or desired, we can work with ELK Analytics to also provide Threat Hunting services.


Huntress Labs provides managed breach detection to detect threats which slip past standard antivirus. Hackers look for ways to persist (stay active) within your network; Huntress looks finds those footholds in Windows environments.

The most common vector for hackers to gain access to small business environments is via email - phishing attacks.  IronScales provides strong email protection against phishing, plus industry-leading security awareness training. 

Registered and secure email using RPost(tm) can be a truly advantageous addition to your toolbox, particularly if you're subject to regulatory controls, such as HIPAA.  RMail is an all-in-one solution to track, prove, e-sign, and encrypt your emails, a perfect solution when you need to ensure - and prove - that your emails were delivered, or to encrypt them for security and privacy reasons.  RSign is a web-based app that makes it easy to prepare and send any document to be signed electronically by anyone.

Phishing Simulation: Castle Labs emphasizes the phishing simulation campaigns because phishing is still the primary vector for malicious actors to gain entry into your environment.  As a former fire chief, I know well the value of "training like it's real" to ensure your team's readiness to handle those low frequency-high risk incidents.  We don't rely on the "gotcha" method of phishing simulation and training - we aren't out to trick people into feeling bad. Rather, our goal is learning. We want to teach your employees to recognize phishing attempts so that the click rate is reduced - or eliminated.


Password re-use is one of the most significant security problems today, one that is used often and quite successfully by hackers who know that your Facebook password may be the same as your email password, for example. A solid password manager provides a strong and easy-to-use password vault capability, allowing your team to store and create strong passwords across your entire employee base.

Dark web monitoring has become a de facto standard offering in today's hacker-rich world.  Along with the emphasis on unique passwords and the use of a password manager, Castle Labs provides dedicated dark web monitoring for your email domain address. In other words, if an employee's email address has been captured and offered for sale on the dark web, our service picks that up and provides you with the information. Contact us for a gratis dark web check today.


A firewall is arguably the most important perimeter cyber-protection for your business. But many small business owners - and even IT Service Providers - don't have the expertise to configure a firewall. 

Although not strictly a security product, we at Castle Labs are enamored with the vast capabilities of  In today's new normal of work-from-home teams, can truly help facilitate diverse and geographically separated teams - or teams working together in the same place!

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