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Expert Guidance

It used to be that small or home businesses simply leased or bought an internet router from their ISP, and called it good.  In the cybersecurity-focused environment of today's world, that's really not enough - a dedicated firewall is the accepted minimum for on-premise protection, and more components such as Intrusion Protection Systems (IDSs) are often recommended for added peace of mind.  But how many small or home businesses have the expertise to install, configure, and maintain a firewall or IPS?

Castle Labs can help you with configuration of these devices.  Years of experience working with a wide variety of vendors' devices allows our consultants to help you understand the capabilities of your device, how to make sure it's configured optimally for your environment, and to maintain the device with aperiodic updates from the vendor, rule maintenance and tuning, and so on. 

We offer firewall solutions from our partners as well; if you have no perimeter security device now, we can help.

Call us for help with your device configuration.  

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