Day-to-Day Peace of Mind

You want the technology in your office to just work.  You want to feel safe, but you don't want to worry about it every day.  You want to concentrate on growing your business, and not on what malicious actors may be doing to get inside your network.  We offer a variety of managed security services to provide you some peace of mind; our managed offerings designed to augment those of your existing IT Provider, rather than replace them.

Castle Labs focuses on the endpoint in protecting your business. Traditionally corporations would concentrate on the perimeter, trying to stop malicious actors from gaining access at all.  As hackers continued to improve their tactics, techniques, and procedures, they became much more adept at breaching those perimeter protections to gain a secret foothold within the network undetected. This is where we at Castle Labs concentrate our efforts in protecting your environment. We don't ignore the perimeter - that would be foolish; we offer strong perimeter protection and expertise to ensure that the fence around your network is as strong as possible.  And then we watch your endpoints - desktops, laptops, and servers - very carefully.

Below are the protections we offer.  Please click here for additional information on the partnerships we have established to protect your business.  More information on pricing is coming soon.

Endpoint Protection
Phishing Protection & Training
SOC Services
Password Management
Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery
Darkweb Monitoring
Registered & Encrypted Email

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