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Policy-based foundation


Not if, but when

Simply speaking, we look to protect the endpoint with the best yet affordable resources available, and to detect and stop ​any malicious infiltration that may get in anyway. It really is a matter of not if they get in, but when.

Who we want to help

Small & medium businesses, sole proprietors, and solo practitioners need no less information security safeguards than do bigger companies. But in general the managed security services space provides for larger organizations, with a price tag that goes along with that, often even refusing to work with a business with less than 20 people.  Castle Labs wants to provide information security services that the small & micro businesses can afford, yet still offer worthwhile and effective protection for their data.

In the Beginning

When I started, there was no such thing as cybersecurity. In fact, there really wasn't a "cyber" to secure.  Military organizations had capabilities to communicate securely, and we were inundated with OPSEC (Operational Security) and COMSEC (Communications Security) posters, briefings, and classes.  Civilian businesses could make a phone call, write a letter, or send a fax, but didn't have the same comms options as the military.

In my eyes, the old COMSEC largely turned into INFOSEC - Information Security - which in turn became Cyber Security, to some, as the Internet became a thing.  Castle Labs prefers the terminology Information Security, because it implies a more broad - yet inclusive - scenario for an organization, one with which we can take a more holistic approach and create a solid foundation based on the strong cornerstone of policy.  

Where We Are Now - The Cornerstone

Castle Labs has a policy-centric idea of how a cornerstone of information security should be established. With decades of experience working both with organizations that have a solid policy base and with organizations that dont, I can say definitively that those organizations that secure their information based on policy and risk come out considerably better during any sort of security incident.  We want to help your business build a policy-based foundation for information security, so that when a malicious actor gets inside, you have the knowledge and the tools to deal with it, stop it, and keep going with your business.  

We can help - give us a few minutes to show you how.

Want to experience the expertise and passion of Castle Labs for yourself?

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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