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Today most organizations, regardless of size, have a need for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). It doesn't have to be in-house, but the need is there, and often it's a regulatory requirement. Castle Labs offers services of a virtualCISO (vCISO), so that you have the expertise when you need it, but aren't paying exorbitant costs for a full-time executive staff member.

Consulting is the heart of what we do at Castle Labs. With over 30 years in the information security and information technology fields in various capacities, we have seen a lot and are ready to help you learn from the mistakes we have witnessed, and those we have made ourselves.  

We don't claim to know everything. But we are more than ready to either help you secure your environment, or honestly tell you when we cannot if we meet a problem that's beyond our expertise or resources.  But when that happens - which isn't often - we'll help you find the right organization that can help.

Consulting services can be purchased as blocks of hours, or as an hourly pay-as-you go when needed.

Consulting by the Hour

  • Blocks of Hours

virtualCISO consulting services are available in blocks of hours per month​. Block hours are on a subscription basis, and can be rolled over month to month, for up to 5 months.

  • Hourly

virtualCISO consulting services are also available without a subscription, at an hourly rate and on an as-needed and as-available basis. 

Where we can help

  • Perimeter Security

    • Next-Generation Firewall​

    • Intrusion Detection/Protection

  • Endpoint Security

    • Anti-virus

    • Endpoint Detection/Response

  • Incident Response

    • Incident Response Planning

    • Post-Incident Analysis

  • Business Continuity

    • Backup & Recovery

    • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Cloud Security

    • Amazon Web Services

    • Google Cloud Platform

  • Documentation

    • Policy Development

    • Risk Assessment

  • IT Hygiene

    • Asset Documentation

    • Best Practices

  • Regulatory

    • HIPAA Compliance

    • PCI Best Practices

Need something not listed?
Give us a call, let's see how we can help!

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