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No cost. No pressure. No commitment. 
That's my promise.

We at Castle Labs understand that the cybersecurity landscape is complex and often rather intimidating.  And we understand that especially for small and home businesses, the expertise to navigate around that landscape often simply doesn't exist within your business.  You want to dedicate your time and effort to running and improving your business, not to earning a degree in cybersecurity from the University of Bad Experiences.

That's why we want to talk.  That's it, just talk.  On our dime.  If you have concerns about your information or cyber security posture, and aren't sure what you need to do about it (if anything), call and schedule a time to meet.  We'll sit down with you over a cup of coffee, listen to what your concerns are, perhaps look around at your office IT environment, and tell you what we think.  That's at no cost to you. 


We will work with you, at your convenience and for up to an hour, free. There's no commitment required, and we won't pressure you to buy services from us.  If after meeting and talking you like some of our ideas, but don't want to use us, that's fine!  We're just happy that we were able to help you get some peace of mind in a cyber-world that doesn't offer much peace of mind.

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