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A Passion for Security

Castle Labs' Founder Tony Schloss

Photo: Lindsay Aikman Photography

Castle Labs' owner and lead consultant is Tony Schloss.  Tony has been working with security and computers for over 35 years. Joining the Air Force out of high school, Tony wound up being an analyst and linguist/translator in the intelligence service. As the senior analyst in his shop in the mid-80's his team got their first unix-style computers; Tony promptly deleted the operating system - accidentally - on his machine, forcing him to rebuild the system from scratch and teaching him a very valuable first lesson in Unix.  

Tony went on to retire from the Air Force, but not before learning about networking, multi-level security, and cybersecurity in the USAF's Electronic Warfare Center. After retirement he teamed up with a government contractor in the Washington, DC area, and spent 20 years doing government contract work in a wide and diverse series of contract assignments, including a fix-it assignment as the senior security engineer in the Security Operations Center (SOC) of one of those most-secret 3-letter government agencies, and a period as the only security engineer for a support office within the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Leaving the government contracting arena, Tony went into the commercial sector with a start-up Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) company providing managed SOC and Information Security services to a variety of organizations, from small 3- or 4-person dental offices, to medium-sized companies with a few hundred employees, to large government contractors with thousands of employees, to huge Telco companies with millions of customers.  Along with his partners, Tony built the SOC and compliance teams from scratch and ran the operations to support the business that the rest of the team was bringing in.  The success of that organization led to its purchase after just a few short years, and Tony moved on from there after a management re-organization left him without a position. 

And thus was born Castle Labs*.  We can help - give us a few minutes to show you how.

Get your best security solutions with Castle Labs, customized for your business.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

* The name "Castle Labs" comes from the translation of Tony's last name; Schloß, as it's written in German, means castle. Having spent a large part of his career working with various technology and test labs, the name stuck in his head!

Castle Labs supports the Cary Chamber of Commerce
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